A little while ago we were excited to announce the much anticipated and requested Hashtag Campaign.

For those of you who are not yet on board with the whole idea of a Hashtag Campaign and are wondering what we are rambling about… we will briefly explain.

Creating a Hashtag Campaign gives you as a user (this applies to SnapWidgets Pro and Developer widget users) the ability to create a campaign, which focuses on a specific hashtag.

By creating a campaign you will be able to display photos for the specific hashtag on your website from anyone who has joined in on your campaign.

It’s also easily manageable so you can remove any photos you wish not to be displayed in your campaign.

Let’s have a look at an example to demonstrate exactly how simple and easy it is to utilize.

Pierce the veil is a band who made excellent use of the feature. We will be looking at their Hashtag Campaign they have created to demonstrate how quick and easy it is. 

To start off they have created a page on their website announcing their campaign.

Step 1: Go to http://piercetheveil.net/

Step 2: They have created a button simply saying “add your photo”.


Pierce the Veil was quite creative in the way they shared the link with their users/followers. 

The link they share by having added the “add your photo” button is the link you will need to share with your users in order for them to join.

This link you will get on “join the campaign” page on Snapwidgets site. If you do not share this link with your users they will not be able to join.

So you have clicked on Pierce the Veils “add your photo” button and you are now directed to the “join the campaign” page on SnapWidgets site. (Quite clever we think) 


Step 3: When you click on “ join the campaign” you will need to enter your Instagram username and password &

Step 4: Give SnapWidget access to your basic information


Step 5: You are basically all set and ready to start Campaigning.


It’s literally five very easy steps.

1. Make an announcement on your site

2. Find a clever way to share the link you will find on “join the campaign” with your users

3. Enter your Instagram username and password

4. Give SnapWidget access to your basic information

5. Click “ok” – you’re all done 🙂

Happy Campaigning everyone!

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