Since launching the new version of SnapWidget last year, the most requested feature from all our users has been the ability to display photos from Instagram for a specific hashtag. Unfortunately, due to changes to the Instagram API and their policy of protecting users photos from being displayed without their explicit approval (which we totally agree with), we have not been able to support this feature.

Today we are happy to announce the release of Hashtag Campaigns, which gives you the ability to create Instagram widgets for specific hashtags.

Using this new feature you will be able to create a campaign focusing on a specific hashtag. This campaign can then be used in any of our Pro Instagram widgets to display photos for a specific hashtag from anyone that has joined your campaign.

Your visitors and followers will be able to opt-in to have their photos displayed on your website by joining your campaign. You can also easily remove any participants whose photos you no longer want to be displayed on your website.

Once configured, any widget using this campaign will now display hashtagged photos from all users that are part of your campaign.

This feature is available to all Pro and Developer plan subscribers.

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