There are a couple of ways to get more followers on Instagram. Some use dodgy tactics like auto-follow bots. Others build their following in an honest way that ensures high-quality followers. Today we’re introducing a new way to increase your following for those that prefer the honest way.

You can now add a recent post popup widget to your page with SnapWidget. This floating popup lets visitors see your most recent Instagram post. With the Pro version, they can also click on the photo to go to your Instagram account so they can follow you.

Adding the new widget to your website is as easy as adding any of our other widgets to your page. Create the widget, copy the code snippet and paste it into your page before the closing </body> tag. We also have tutorials available for specific blog platforms.

You can also customize the widget position, text and popup delays. With the Pro version, you can also add your own custom CSS to completely match the look and feel of your website.

Get your free Instagram popup widget here.

Already using the new popup widget on your website? Let us know. We’d love to feature you on our website.

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