Today we were Rocking in our School Shoes. We went all over the building looking for Pete's lost buttons (office, library, nurse, counselor, etc). When we found them all, we were rewarded with button cookies! (Baked by Pete's mom--at 5:00 this morning). 😝 #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #iteachk #backtoschool #kindergarten
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End of kinder gifts for my students--gotta love Target Dollar Spot! I photoshopped sunglasses on pictures of my kids to make a card to go with the $1 sunglasses. #kindergarten #iteachtoo #iteachk #teachersofinstagram #targetdollarspot @targetteachers
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Well... Mother's Day gifts didn't happen this year. No cute handprint paintings or macaroni necklaces or popsicle stick picture frames. So I'm winging it and making videos--interviews with kids about their moms. They're turning out pretty funny... my favorite question: What's the worst thing your mom cooks? They all have...
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For our awesome nurse on Nurse Appreciation Day. Just keepin' it real. 😆 We put a Starbucks GC in the pocket on the last page. #teachersofinstagram #iteachtoo #iteachk
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