Two of my fall style essentials, mules and bombers!!! Today was somewhat of a bust. Woke up to being ridiculously sore, like shuffling around because my legs hurt SO bad from my workout. Tried pushing through to get more blog photos done but mother nature decided to rain on us...
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My coworker and I had matching blouson sleeves today 🤣👭 Love the look but dang do they get in the way of everything lol In other news.... my next Europe adventure is booked! Next up 🇩🇪 Recommendations are welcome (please)!
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What a beautiful gray wall... I could literally stare at it all day 🤣😋 Brb - gotta catch up on @bachelorabc. I'm definitely Team Taysha!
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I'm finally doing it! A year (and then some) later and I'm finally finishing the last wall in my office 🤣 I'm decluttering now, getting rid of things I don't need or use. Feels so good to simplify 💗 Also, Juicy has eaten 2 full meals and has had 2...
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