What does YOUR set look like today? Tag us! | Repost @robertsilverphotography: @dreamearprod helping me test the lighting set up for today's shoot with @irondrumwork @frodshammy @aries_i_am @gummyaz . It's the first time I'm using the turquoise color @savageuniversal backdrop. It's looking great! . #photoshoot #pic #snapshot #camera #backstage #bts...
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#StudioTipTuesday: Flip your background over and see what it may offer! Some backdrops like our Painted Canvas' can give a cool and different textured look on the back. Repost from @laurnash: 🌟 @alexissusalla
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Show us your #savagepaper collection! Repost from @enriquemeza: Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% bourbon whisky. #fujigfx50s
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5/5 BTS shot. This beautiful pullback shot was taken on our Tangelo Seamless Paper. 🧡 Repost from @johnmosesphotography: A little wide angle #bts shot from my shoot with @ebahiikharo featuring my favorite #tangerine backdrop by #savageuniversal
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4/5 BTS shot. This high fashion shot was done on our Super White Seamless Paper. Repost from @stylographybiz: From our shoot for @nysfemagazine Repost from @missdyneisha ・・・ BTS of the @nysummerfashionexplosion Shoot. Hair @630studio | Makeup @missdyneisha & @jadoreace | Designer @hausofkjb | Model @heatherbanie | Stylist @larissa_favier | Photographer...
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3/5 BTS shot was done with our Super White Seamless Paper and Translum. Killer combination for some table top food photography! Repost from @richardkellyphoto: Shooting food today first time using Savage Translum as the surface on Savage Super White background paper. This combo makes for an easy to clean between...
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