Close reading! This difficult skill is so important to start teaching early. I shared a blog post a few years back laying out exactly how I do close reading in my 1st grade classroom and I included a FREE Martin Luther King Jr. passage with questions. Click the link in...
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3️⃣ more days of school... Then, sweet sweet summertime!
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Literally can’t keep anything green alive... thank goodness for mini bouquets from the local flower shoppe to brighten up our home! 🌸🌺💐
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In the happiest corner of my dining room sit my grandmother’s teacups. For years I’ve swooned over the beauty and fragility of each one that she had collected over the decades. She recently gifted them to me and now I get to swoon over them (and her) each and every...
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Theo got this toy on Easter and he’s still loving it! He likes building the houses and retelling the story. Then, the most fun part.. blowing down each house! 🐷🐺🏡
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Life, currently. Shirts off, sweats on, messier than messy playroom, boys playing, me trying to read a book. 2 more weeks of school then I’ll tackle cleaning this room... maybe...
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