Beautiful afternoon light in the Ladder Canyon slot. We climbed up and down half a dozen ladders on this hike, and the baby thoroughly enjoyed it!
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75/365 LA, then: It used to take me 30 minutes just to drive a few miles to the store sometimes. Bend, now: In 30 minutes, I can be on the lift on my snowboard with the wind whipping my hair and the energy of the mountain embracing me. It's been...
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74/365 Made a random, curious stop on our drive down from Mount Bachelor to look out over Bessie Butte, Lava Butte, and 400 other cinder cones that flank the Newberry Volcano. It's mind-blowing to learn that this volcano (still considered seismically and geologically active) is the size of Rhode Island!...
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73/365 She learned a new word today: pow-pow. Yep, I'm a proud mountain mama. 😄
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72/365 Throwback to two weeks ago in front of our house, when we had so much snow that we could ski down our road! All of that has melted by now and I'm sad to think we might not get anymore snow in town as spring approaches. (I can only...
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71/365 Warm weather art projects are about to commence on our deck.
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