Beautiful afternoon light in the Ladder Canyon slot. We climbed up and down half a dozen ladders on this hike, and the baby thoroughly enjoyed it!
by gardenbetty 1 year ago | via Instagram

14/365 Blows my mind that this time last year, she had just started crawling and was still putting those goggles in her mouth. Now she looks like she's in training for the 2030 Olympics with Coach Dad. 🤣
by gardenbetty 2 days ago | via Instagram

13/365 Bluebird day for my little ripper. This is her kind of playground! Check my Stories to see her in action.
by gardenbetty 3 days ago | via Instagram

12/365 Took our time getting to the mountain today 🏂 but little stashes were still to be found. I ❤ Central Oregon.
by gardenbetty 4 days ago | via Instagram

11/365 Having lived just blocks from the ocean for the last seven years, I thought I'd miss it by now but these big Cascade views make up for it and then some.
by gardenbetty 5 days ago | via Instagram

10/365 Gotta love those spring chickens. Middle of winter, no supplemental light in the coop, and we're still getting eggs every day from our three youngins. (And apparently, our Easter Egger is an overachiever!)
by gardenbetty 6 days ago | via Instagram