Watched La La Land last night and now feeling disappointed reality isn't spontaneous song and dance and Ryan Gosling. (Ok, kidding about that last one!)
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Sometimes you just have to be cliche and take a photo of the sunset. Especially over an open field of purple 🌾
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Talking about bedroom basics and our favorite bedding sets today on the blog with @Brooklinen! #sponsored #ammblog
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Elin in this insanely cute pinafore from @emoi_emoi is pretty much being my real life doll. But don't worry, she loves it. Ruffles and skirts and pink are her thing. 💁🏼 BIG thank you to everyone to expressed their concern for Elin over the weekend! I'm pleased to say she...
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Monday has already been a long day, is it bad that I'm dreaming of our next getaway already? #eternalsummer
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