Watched La La Land last night and now feeling disappointed reality isn't spontaneous song and dance and Ryan Gosling. (Ok, kidding about that last one!)
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From earlier this month, at home, when working with @kvadrattextiles. Settling in at home after vacation is always such a weird feeling, especially now during summer break when both of the kids are home all day. #whendoesschoolstartagain #ammhome #flortiles
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Full blog post is now live. #linkinbio
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There's sort of an insane amount of photos I haven't shared yet from last week but The Apartment by The Line was a stand out for me. I've seen it online but to visit in person was, of course, much better. There's also a great view of Melrose from this...
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Souvenirs from last week's trip and currently finishing up that blog post about #amminLA 😉 #backtoreality
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During our travels I had to pack many things including clothes for 4 people, snacks for the little ones, swimsuits, hair products, shoes and all the cords and chargers for our devices. I relied on this bag from @jemandbea heavily! It was a time saver and even though it's originally...
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