Happy #internationalwomensday!!! Remember how #strong, #powerful and #beautiful you are, not just today but ALWAYS. <3 Art by the amazing and talented @artbysharayah
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#Throwback to the #Breastfeeding #Godesses shoot in 2015. Looking forward to seeing some of these same beautiful ladies on Sunday! #WBW #worldbreastfeedingweek #day1
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Colors can have powerful meaning. Blue. "It's our color of love." The color blue has followed Yesenia and Ricardo all of their relationship. In all the milestones, blue would show up...from their prom all the way to their wedding. Not only do I ADORE these high school sweethearts and their...
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{ Personal } I've been to the beach more in the last 2 months for recreational enjoyment than I've been in the last 2 years. The funny (and sad) thing is we live only 20-30 minutes from the beach. Even just for an hour to watch the sunset with the...
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