Friday Night, The Tom ApplemanBand Returns. All New Material. All New Band. We hit at 10:15. Somerville, MA ; Dave Sardella - drums ; Nick Grondin - guitar ; Brian Friedland - keys ; #tomapplemanband #livemusic #nightclubs #boston #somerville #indiemusic #localmusic
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As you can see. Fish just jumping out of the water here in Boston Harbor.
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Hot Blooded. Check and see. #Foreigner
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Here’s a little snippet of my bass ensemble I was co-teaching with Jim Murphy this weekend at Berklee’s first annual “Groove School” The tune is a Victor Wooten called “Bro John” #berkleesummerprograms #berklee #victorwooten #grooveschool
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Just witnessed an incredibly emotional speech by none other than Sully Sullenberger; the guy who landed the plane on the Hudson. He talked about making a difference in people’s lives and controlling your emotions during difficult times. Very deep. This was part of the annual Engage Convention in Boston and...
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Here’s a little clip of me sampling a student’s bass in Puerto Rico last week. This was taking place between classes so you can see some of my students assembling in the background. Thank you to @trumpet_bass_man for the clip and letting me sample his bass. #tappleman
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