Good morning everyone🌞. Yestarday I was absent from #instagram. The reason is I attended a workshop at @esa_crete. The theme was "empowering women in tourism" although any lady from any field could attend and be empowered. Like myself. @esa_crete stands for European Sustainability Academy. It's found at an unexpected place...
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So it's Saturday and my little trips to #Heraklion have started again. I was aiming to pay a visit to the archeological museum but I had so little time I didn't make it. Of course I took some pictures on the way. This is Platia Eleftherias (➡Liberty Square). A quick...
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I just wanted to say goodnight with a nice picture. This is the lighthouse of Chania shot by my son @johantheo_teo. Enjoy your Friday night everyone😊👋🌹🌹🌹. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #topaliolimani #lightnouse #sunset #mobilephotography #my_greece
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😲 I think we're slowly sailing away from summer....and I don't want that😠. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #sfakia #my_greece #lgg4photography #lgmobilephotography #mobilephotography #sea
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In September of 2016 my friend @katerina_katsoulaki and I met @clementine47 and her daughter @marieke_dubbelman, right here in Chania. We first met digitally through #instagram but decided to meet in person when they scheduled their trip to Chania. Thay were my very first instafriends from another country which I actually...
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