Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mommas out there! You are amazing!!
by landonjacob 3 months ago | via Instagram

We've been on a little Instagram hiatus, but we are still here! We have some big life "things" going on behind the scenes! Really exciting things! Will share soon! But for now, this is what we were doing exactly three years ago. Just strolling through Africa with some beautiful elephants.......
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How has the year flown by? Happy first anniversary Ryan & Brooke!!
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The last two months have been jam packed with beautiful destination weddings each weekend! They have all been the sweetest and prettiest weddings to kick off 2017, but today was a Saturday to ourselves. And it was glorious! Saturday's are magical days- whether we are shooting a wedding, or strolling...
by landonjacob 2 months ago | via Instagram