My first #transformationtuesday :: One day I was talking with a client about how we needed a pair of antique chairs for a vignette on her stair landing and then 💡! I remembered I'm a hoarder. So we walked down into my basement and grabbed these two and gave them...
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I made everyone stand in front of the house because: symbolism (no matter how run down you are, Jesus can restore you) As it appears, symbolism is lost on this crew😆 But I may have discovered my newest ministry —> #architecturalevangelism Happy Easter, friends!!
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We studied lots of little details that make old houses the houses we all love for this Belle Meade project we are designing with @catherinesloanarchitect and it’s so fun to see them all starting to take shape. . . . 📷+🔨= @focus_builders
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Cora has been saving this onesie just for today! Happy World Down Syndrome Day to all of our buds! ❤️ The world is better because you’re in it. #t21
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Our little leprechaun ☘️☘️
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