Many of you know (and some don't) that I run two businesses. My side hustle is Damsel in Defense. So, if you ever need #pepperspray, #stunguns, or #personalsafety, I got you. But my main gig, the thing that lights me up, is building and maintaining #WordPress websites and helping small...
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Damsel in Defense knows the way to my 💓! I work and live in a digital world and love it dearly BUT I am definitely an analog chick who loves putting pen/pencil to paper. This notebook and pink pen are gorgeous and perfect!!
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Love it so much! Reposted from @lysaterkeurst Am I speaking from my hurt or my hope? #womenoffaith #christianentrepreneurs #speaklife #speaklove
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My recent yard sale finds make me sooooooo happy! ❤️ The hutch is fabulous! And that lamp...of course no one looked it but me. 😆 Eventually my mom said, "you know what, that lamp grows on you." Yeah it does.
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