#CASTING an amazing, attractive, charismatic, successful SINGLE #WOMAN in her mid 30's to early 40's to STAR IN HER OWN LOVE STORY for a new series on FOX! Do you KNOW THE PERFECT WOMAN WHO DESERVES HER OWN LOVE STORY??!! Is she at a place in life where she's ready...
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@lifeonmarssss ・・・ SO excited to be a part of the @tropicbeauty #photoshoot Experience in #florida this weekend! I was selected to shoot with @bcphotography and won a trip to the beautiful #beach front hotel @hutchinsonshoresresort . #follow my story for #bts and updates Yayayyyyy! 👙🌴✨🍭💓🔥🐥🐣🌻🌼🌸🌺 #sandbardelray #bostonsonthebeach #HutchinsonShores
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