I think we found the best views of Boston today. Glad we squeezed a third into our doubles kayak because I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than kayaking with my boys #bestfboston #outdoordog #westiegram #bestfboston #itsabeautifullife
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Sunday morning baking session 🍪Made a much healthier version of classic chocolate chip cookies that eliminate both butter and flour. See my 10 minute recipe in my stories #sundaymorning #baking #healthycookiesdoexist
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While everyone is prepping to welcome the new year, I'm holding on extra tight to these last few hours of 2017. This year, I found myself adventuring through 6 countries, 8 states, and 6 national parks. I can honestly say that I ate the best meals, had the greatest once...
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In true Jasmine style, just finished up the Christmas shopping and wrapping at the final hour! 🎁Finally on the road and on the way to loved ones in time for Christmas! #holidaytravels #targethome #homefortheholidays
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This thoughtful gift from husband is still the best ornament on the 🎄Glad to say that I just submitted the last project for the term and can officially go and enjoy the holidays! Also shared a little update of dental school life lately #ontheblog #lastdaybeforebreak #toothfairylife • • • •...
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