Every time the forecast updates, I love it more and more. 🌨❄ . (Graphic courtesy KTVH)
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The B-52 is a very large plane. Today the kids had an up close and personal military history lesson, learning about this plane (and it's red star), F-105s, the Tweety Bird (training plane) and the Sky Train (aka the Gooney Bird). And more that I'm blanking on. :)
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Five vials of blood and a seventeen hour fast later (darn afternoon lab appointments); I can eat! My Y2 suggested a Snickers for "all my hard work". Now on to more food! :)
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One of my kids is an "out of the box" learner. No diagnosed learning disabilities, but several alphabet soup diagnoses that we work with. I was expecting the biggest struggle to be with reading, but it's actually in a different subject. I asked my special learner to read me a...
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My Yr 4 (age 9) is listening to full Shakespeare plays this year. We decided to start with "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and listen to Librivox so there's multiple voices. She decided to break out the Playmobil to help keep track of all the characters. We are at a happy...
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Health update: I went to a new doctor today, and he ordered a bunch of lab tests, including TPO antibody and ferritin iron levels. He thinks my thyroid is OK, but wants to make sure. I can't get into the lab until the 17th, but it's nice to have a...
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