I'm going to be in nyc this weekend! What's something fun you want to see? πŸ‚ Also I'm still loving this casual weekday look paired with my leather satchel from @fossil and @zappos -- look is up on the blog! β™₯️ #CarrytheStyle #ad
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#ad | My relationship with my body is complicated. πŸ˜– I've been super open with y'all in the past about my endometriosis and how it can affect my life on a daily basis -- many people who live with endo have extremely heavy periods and feelings of intense abdominal pain....
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I feel like I should share more photos of spaces I like to spend time in! 🌿 This cute little spot is in my neighborhood, and I like to go there sometimes to write blog posts or read my New Yorker. Having places to go where I can center myself...
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Mood today: all smiles and gratitude. β™₯️ #VomitInTheCity
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My favorite little corner in my room β™₯️
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Still thinking about one of the best days of my life. 🌼 Wading through a sea of yellow flowers was a long time dream come true. I never felt more in my element than in this moment.
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