found this little gem while editing some shots from our shoot last weekend. Kristin P working on Natalie’s outfit and Kristen J workin’ on getting the headpiece out of my tangled mess of hair 🙈 love this team!
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thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! it’s been a great day filled with friends & snacks 😋
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well it’s officially 1837°F in Mississippi
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Z’s aerial of The Cribstone Bridge looking so good matted & framed thanks to @framebridge 📷 #MaineThing #cribstonebridge #maine #thewaylifeshouldbe
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my favorite band in my hometown — I never thought I’d see the day! Thank you @brandonampms for bring @davematthewsband here! back to Orange Beach we go for round 2 in July! 🤘🏻
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love @davematthewsband & the pit & you 💕 #dmb2018 #daveslave #dmb #davematthewsband
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