My @beastraceuk video is now up on YouTube!!
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The Rolling Stones were amazing on Saturday! I have like a bucket list of bands I want to see live & now I can tick off the Stones and Fleetwood Mac! Next on my list are Counting Crows and Damien Rice! Who would be on yours?
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My #instagramhusband isn’t all bad - he managed to capture this half decent one after 347 attempts 😜 Cocktails @copper_blossom with Edinburgh Castle in the background! 🍸🏰 Who takes better photos - you or your other half?
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This weekend has gone so quickly! 🍸 We’ve eaten street food at a million markets, sipped cocktails in the sun and danced in the rain, had breakfast at Dishoom & McDonald’s for supper, and explored Edinburgh from Canongate to Dean Village. Oh, did I mention we saw Richard Ashcroft &...
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This is my Grandma’s house... it’s now a gin distillery! My sister turns 30 this week so I took her on a surprise trip where we relived our childhood summers eating irn bru sorbet in St Andrews & did the @darnleysgin tour in Grammy’s old house in Kingsbarns. It’s very...
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Where should I go for lunch in Aberdeen tomorrow? Somewhere with healthy, preferably higher protein options? 🤔🍵 So ready for my day off tomorrow! The plan is to go to the gym, nip into town quickly for a few bits (and treat myself to lunch!) and then we’re heading to...
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