feeling very full and happy today. 🍂 I'm so happy with my custom set I ordered from my babe bffs at @solsticeintimates for fall. Feeling the body confidence!
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Moving bedrooms ended up being a lot harder than I thought and my skin reacted accordingly 😅 Luckily I’ve been exfoliating with this new coffee scrub from @candcbycleanandclear to keep my pores clear of anything trying to mess with my skin 🙅🏼‍♀️ You can find this lil bb at @UltaBeauty...
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I know this is my third mirror pic in a row, but I couldn’t help but share my Saturday morning outfit 💌 I’m headed to therapy right now and then picking up groceries after because my holiday party is tonight! So excited to bake treats for people I love.
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I’m always an advocate for a natural look with makeup, especially when I’m putting together a simple outfit for going to the office or running errands. I usually opt for only two products: the first mascara, and the second a moisturizing foundation. My go-to lately has been the new PhotoReady...
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