Is purchasing this ridiculously cute sombrero for pets a bad choice? Cause I wants it.
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There is almost nothing that my sixteen year old son does NOT put @tajinmx_oficial on.
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We’re watching #LOTR as a family for my husband’s birthday. Cristina is enthralled, as always. Since the pasta is demolished, she’s decided on a second helping of capers, just capers. Claudia even stole some. Oh my gosh. I love capers so this is probably my fault.
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What are my kids looking up that I’m getting commercial donut machines in my feed? Also, now that I’ve mentioned it, I’ll see more of it.
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Can you let me know? #906 #coppercountry #marquette #yooper
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I made fry bread tonight, ostensibly for #Lenten Navajo tacos but, really, I just wanted this. Also, just FYI, my boys help to process the monks’ honey in the fall and are paid in honey. Very literally a sweet deal. #oldcalendar #dormitionfast #monasterykids
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