Today's breakfast of champions. Little Sophia helped me make this apple-blueberry crisp, she even helped pick the fruit! Daddy shouldn't worry, she saved him a big spoonful so he can enjoy it tonight after work.
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I’m in Chicago waiting for my connecting flight to Pittsburgh for the @ancient_faith_ministries women’s conference. Today is the first day of the Nativity Fast for those on the New Calendar. I’m listening to this amazing podcast. It’s all about scarcity and it reminds me a lot of the way our...
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My mudroom is a complete disaster, sorry. Kind of sorry. Actually, not really sorry. Anyway, our milking schedule was haphazard and there were lots of fights over who had what barn chores and I was basically meting out Justice according to my whims. This should settle things better. I had...
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Morning, chicas! What you up to today?
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