Today's breakfast of champions. Little Sophia helped me make this apple-blueberry crisp, she even helped pick the fruit! Daddy shouldn't worry, she saved him a big spoonful so he can enjoy it tonight after work.
by melissanaasko 9 months ago | via Instagram

I made fry bread tonight, ostensibly for #Lenten Navajo tacos but, really, I just wanted this. Also, just FYI, my boys help to process the monks’ honey in the fall and are paid in honey. Very literally a sweet deal. #oldcalendar #dormitionfast #monasterykids
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It’s time to clean out the kids school drawers. This is a view of Eli’s. It’s kinda revealing. #momlifeisthebestlife
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Watch out world! Claudia had learned how to snap.
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Thus proving FB needs to adjust their advertising algorithms, I found this in my feed. I don’t even OWN high heels.
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Veronica to me: We should tell our #farmersmarket customers that children press our corn tortillas. Me: Uh. Sure. I'll tell them I run a sweatshop. Veronica: Let's do it!
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