Grayson has balls of ice ... literally! His new gadget melts a frozen cup of ice into a perfect ball. Then Grayson plays around to get the ice bubble free, completely clear (although the bubbles look cool too)! #sphericalice
by jenblackham 3 months ago | via Instagram

Super Bowl sugar cookies ... this after the feast Gray prepared. #jenBbakes
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I've made these #1secondeveryday videos for a year now. Starting a second year with Jan 2018. #blackham1secmonthlymemories
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Dating daze ... all three of the older boys tonight. Keaton is off to Sweethearts, Landon and Sol are doing dinner and a movie and Cal and Kate are hanging here at home.
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I got some new snowflake discs to try in my cookie press… So fun to have several snowflake styles! #jenBbakes
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The weather was so nice the other day but I cleaned out my side flower bed. I moved all my bird houses into the backyard… Just a couple days later snow covered everything! #blackhamducks2017 #gotducks #birdhousecollector
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