Grayson has balls of ice ... literally! His new gadget melts a frozen cup of ice into a perfect ball. Then Grayson plays around to get the ice bubble free, completely clear (although the bubbles look cool too)! #sphericalice
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Happy birthday to Grayson! We had double dinners out this weekend.
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I guess it's nap time ... 😴#blackhamkitty
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I didn't know it was "clean out your refrigerator day" but that's what I did this morning. It was scary!
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Frosted graham crackers… Does everyone do this or is it just a Westra thing? I usually don't make them just to make them… but to use up extra frosting. They are always better the next day after the frosting softens the cracker.
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Bacon wrapped turkey tenders ... #graystartedsmoking
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