Candy hangover and one last hoorah in the costume bin. Looks like Eleven from Stranger Things season one and season two. 🤔😊
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They shared the stool as they washed the strawberries and then decided to sit together and eat. Little Mark played one like a harmonica. 😊It’s really enjoyable to watch them experience things together and delight in it. ❤️
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Little boy with 🌈 🦄 secondhand Valentine’s Day lollipop he found in a drawer right as mom’s new pillows arrive. 🤗
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Packing for our road trip to Phoenix to see my sister! Happy weekend friends! Perfect weekender bag by @birdlingbags. You can get 20% with code Christina20. #sp
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These two best friends who love chasing each other and traveling together. ❤️ #liketkit
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I am so in love with these kids together!! A really fun play date with @karlareed today. I knew a lady years ago (before I had kids) who was a stay at home mom and would tell me how much she loved her life in large part because the great...
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