I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took me to notice what Byron did to my photo. He’s lucky I have a good sense of humor. Therefore, we’ll keep it up just a bit longer.
by kellymantoan 11 months ago | via Instagram

Halloween costumes under the deck lights: Fulton is Deathstroke, Addie is Alfreed (an anime character), Edie is Captain EO, and Teddy is Snake Eyes. Byron is at a sleep-over so scroll back one photo to see his costume.
by kellymantoan 2 weeks ago | via Instagram

Byron as Cobra Commander with Dr. Mindbender at @sjgeekfest . #gijoe #oldschool #sjgeekfest
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The new @target toy flyer features a boy in a powerchair!!!!!! (Plus a child with Down’s!!) Yay 🎉 to including all kinds of kids! Little things like this are what reinforce the idea that kids like Fulton and Teddy are just like everyone else. Thank you #Target!!
by kellymantoan 4 weeks ago | via Instagram