And finally she has it her way. A minimalistic white Xmas with two owls *frowns*. I think I like it though @simonepateriaxx #isitchristmasyet #whitexmastree #whitexmasdecor #whitechristmastree #vlivingchristmas @simonepateriaxx and post a Christmas pic and take part in the contest
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Waterfalls and rivers and lakes... That's all I need... Add in some mountains and nature trails too... Can't be asking for too much!!
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Yet again the universe knows exactly what I need to hear today!! Keeping me in check! #universehasyourback #powersoftheuniverse
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All you really need in life... A camera, a book, a passport and a few air tickets!! How wishful!! #wishfulthinking #gratefulheart
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Burning my green candle today... To say I'm going to miss you the most is an understatement!! Who am I going to pick a fight with @manal_just_plain_crazy
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What can I say... I have no inclination to make the table look pretty today! #weekendbliss
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