Happy New Year to all the New , Old customizer and all those that get inspired to create something original unique to them and for others it is not an easy road. All those long night of hard work just keep at success will come . For some of us...
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@kingkangkos Color levels laces now available on Kingofsneakers.com they are painted in the same process as the Dunk Dumps using a leather hide and building up the color layers. They are wider then normal so showing more of the color .#kingofsneakers
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Red storm for @hypo_co 🔴🔴🔴🔴 #hypo #hypofootwear #kingofsneakers
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Click bait - Pays the bills custom still dope done by many -Nothing special done here -lol #bape #huraches By @kingkangkos for kingofsneakers.com #kingofsneakers
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These arrived safely to @chefcreezle go watch his timelineto to watch him unbox them #dumpdunks #colorlevels #kingkang #kingofsneakers kingofsneakers.com #lv
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Gucci Laces now available at kingofsneakers.com a small touch of luxury to your #airforceone #af1 30” 36” 45” 54” 60” 72” - 7 Aglet Metal tips to choose from #kingofsneakers #gucci #guccigang
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