I got to shoot @albertinesarah at @tortillauk because burritos are life 🌯 today, I am shooting part 2 ✌🏻. There is more #burritofluencers to come! #FastFoodFordtography
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I have officially joined the #SlowSundayClub today! I woke up in the @mondrianldn after the best nights sleep ever to an amazing breakfast ordered by my bae to get me ready for a day back at #LFW and shooting πŸ“Έ #WokeUpLikeThis #KayeFromTheBlock
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I am feeling super happy today as it’s a day off for me. I’m treating my babe to a show (Book of Mormon to be precise) and a stay at the @mondrianldn and I am HYPED 😍 (@lucy_jlove by me πŸ“Έ)
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🐢 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 🐢 yes I have been saving this China Town Tastic image I took of @megchills purely for today πŸ“Έ it’s also HAPPY FIRST DAY OF #LFW and I am shooting something amazing for an epic brand today πŸ“Έ
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Today is a day, more than any, I consider it a day of celebrating love and people. 8 years ago today I lost my Nanny. 3 years ago we lost Hurry. So please, be kind to everyone and adore your loved ones today for me (@sukiandthecity and @cockapoomarley by me...
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πŸ–€ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY πŸ–€ I hope it is filled with love and joy. What better way to describe the day than with a shot of @laurzrah that I took outside of a LOVE-ly @peggyporschenofficial πŸ–€
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