you've been missing Bennington (& B-RAD 😘 ) I know u have !!! for the first time eveR we've got shows running over break !! stay connected to bton wherever fwt is taking u 💖 TUNE ! IN !
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more killer shows hitting ur radio waves on this rainy thursday- don’t forget to tune in punks!! Martha and Tallulah’s show (The Tallulah and Martha Show) is on tonight at 8! 💫
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happy WEDNESDAY baby! make sure to tune in for Ivett’s show in 15 MINUTES!! not to be missed !
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all of these new shows have turned our world on its heaD!! 🌀one of them is Upside Down with @sydnieleolani @ginger.otis and @e.lishh on tuesdays at 9! check it out!!!
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