Last day of our holiday today, tomorrow we make our way home. Goodbye to the dusty blues of the ocean, to the salty scent on my children’s skin, to slow and aimless days, to sheltering from the sun at midday, to early dinners and late bedtimes... hello home, hello new...
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Popcorn pixie in mauve 🐰 〰️ if you fancy having one of these to warm your pixie’s head feel free to touch base, I’m a little addicted and could do with the excuse! 〰️
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The sweetest bobble pixie bonnet on the hook today, for the sweetest little pixie girl 🧚‍♂️🌿
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A random picture of my shoes because I gave myself permission not to take a new photo for my latest post... a little chat about that elusive thing called “balance” up on my blog this morning. Anyone else have any thoughts on how to find it? 👟
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, hard-working, task-juggling, kind-hearted mums I know, both irl and here on insta... there’s just way too many of you to count! We are taking the family and my cough to the farmer’s market this morning, taking things nice and slow. Have a great...
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Enjoying a shift in the weather as I slowly stitch up another wharfie beanie. It has been a big and full and sad week for us as we have made a pivotal life decision to leave behind a dream we have been working on for a good while. Or I...
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