🌱It’s no secret that we love the California Poppy. Its stunning, sunny flowers brighten up all of our Field Day tags. 🌱This powerful plant isn’t just easy on the eyes though, it’s also used medicinally to ease your nervous system. 💗The roots, leaves and seeds can make a gentle sedative,...
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Our Pinafore Dress is the perfect blend of style and function. ✂️It’s our go-to work frock. Layer it with all your cold weather favorites, or on warmer days a tank or pretty bralette. It is made from sturdy, soft linen, with deep, easily accessible pockets and an adjustable waist.
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💗Soothing and sweet🍬, 💕Licorice, Glycyrrhiza glabra💕, is like an herbal hug and 50 times sweeter than sugar. This gentle herbal friend has a variety of uses beyond its sweet taste. When used in tea🍵, the ✨root✨is fantastic at soothing sore throats or adding some lubrication to an especially dry cough....
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✨Messy hair, don’t care. The wind on your face is worth it🌬✨—Brook Blouse in Moss, Atheno Skirt in Midnight Corduroy. 📷: @c.fehu
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A subtle nod to the feminine form, these Boob Studs by @aprilmayjewelry are a perfect addition to any outfit✨Made to Empower✨ A portion of the proceeds from each purchase of April May Jewelry is donated to survivors of Domestic Violence. — Find them in shop or online.
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🌿🌸🌿— Sheet Dress in Blush, 📷: @dianewithonen
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