Some serious intergalactic warfare going on in our first game of Alien Artifacts #boardgame #alienartifacts #brætspil #boardgame
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Here's what you should do; You should go to and treat yourself to some tickets for their yule show. It's going down friday and saturday and it's a hoot!
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A quick spot of Kingdomino! This easy to learn tilelaying game is one of my top sellers at the store. Sooo good with families and new gamers; quick to play, scales well and gives great puzzle satifaction.
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Taught a friend the quick and easy-to-learn Century Spice Road ⚃ yesterday and she also really enjoyed how the simple choices make things crunch in your brain. I especially like how different the engine you build and the consequential perchasing can be from player to player and game to game....
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