Bolder and stronger. 📷 @thelostdaydreamer 👍 you're good in finding hidden photshoot spots at BGC! Haha!
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Ako lang ba o masarap talaga yung Grilled Scallops ng Kuya J's Resto? Right blend of cheese, garlic and butter grilled to savory perfection! 😋😋😋 #nukspangwriteup #pwedenapangAds #notsponsored #missedblogging
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Some inspo for #EnchantedForest / #StarryNight themed styling by #RoyalFlowerShoppe
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"Come here, you can meet me in the back." 💕💓💕 #delicate #mejmarupok 😂
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Two moods: 1. Secretly craving 2. "Kunwari water therapy ako" Legit huhu one day I'm hitting the gym the next day I'm eating out. It's hard. Eats hard. 😢😐😅
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As Madam Tyra would say it if ever, "Iha! Smize!" Minsan talaga pinangarap natin sumali sa ANTM. 😂
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