TIBET TRIP PLANNER Many Travel agencies are making Travelers complicated via giving lots of different and unreliable information on traveling to Tibet. The reason behind is the lack of experience on Tourism in Tibet. Tibet Travelers after having Tibet tourism experience for nearly 15 years, today we would like to...
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Welcome to Tibet. Land of the snows. Roof of the world. Lord of the mountains. Home of the nature. Birth place of the Yogis. Heaven in the earth. www.tibettravelers.com
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Happy Monday to all. Enjoy the beauties of nature.
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Have a beautiful weekend to all. Thanks for your love and support. May you all be healthy and happy.
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When tree is dry, bird won't come. When hand is empty, people won't come.Those who talk fast are slow in action.Those who eat fast are slow in digestion.Those who smile are not necessarily kind. Those who cry are not necessarily sad. 当树干了,鸟就不会来了。 当手空了,人就不会来了。 说话快的人行动慢。 吃得快的人消化慢。 微笑的人不一定善良。 哭泣的人不一定悲伤。
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If you can , everyone is relatives. If you can't, everyone is enemy. If you understand, everything is Dharma, if you dont understand, even Dharma is evil. --Jetsun Drukpa Kunley 如果你能,一切是亲人。如果你不能,一切是敌人。如果你懂,一切是佛法,如果你不懂,佛法也是恶。----竹巴袞列尊者 ​Video: Stunning Beauties of Tibet
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