#Yoga has helped me overcome so much fear in my life. I never really played sports (yearbook staffers unite! 🙋‍♀️), and grace and fluidity are DEFINITELY not natural attributes of mine. I’ve bumbled along in my physical body for years, never really trusting it to perform or do interesting things....
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Today I said, “Don’t go in the water past your shins.” She looked at me quizzically and pointed to her shoulders: “Are these my shins?” When I shook my head no, she tried again, gesturing to her hips with hopeful wide eyes: “These?” I made an indicator with my hands...
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We were feeling a little too fancy on #30A so we took a girl’s trip to #panamacitybeach where I introduced her to the most important of beach traditions — hairwraps and henna tattoos.👌🏻 #angelwingsareanicetouch #noairbrushtho #nexttime
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Rising and shining with #WildThing — the perfect match for my #head and #heart space. Free, open and a little wild. 💫 #camatkarasana #morningflows #feelalive #yoga
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Six years ago we received a phone call that Reid would be born with Down syndrome. The time and the date of that conversation stuck with me for the longest time — the exact moment our lives changed forever. I used to think about that day so much that I...
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The rough surf was no match for this girl today. ☀️🌊✨ #wildandfree
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