Good news wildcats! Mr. Wilson tickets are now available for sale.. just reach out to any ASB member or Mr. Wilson participant to purchase one!
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If you have a song request for homecoming, enter it in the link in our bio!
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Follow our newest social media page @gawhsproposals where YOU make up the posts! This page will be dedicated to all our dances’ proposals where you can tag this account and hashtag #neverlandhc2018 specifically for all of this year’s Homecoming (A Night in Neverland) to win a pair of FREE tickets...
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Tag your Homecoming askings with the hashtag #neverlandhc2018 for a chance to win TWO FREE TICKETS!! *Your post must be public to enter!
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Just a reminder that Team Up for St. Jude’s meeting date has changed to next Friday on 9/28 during lunch!!
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SENIORS: Just a reminder that you can still nominate your friends or yourself for Homecoming Court!!
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