Today I’m collecting “already read” books and unused household items and too small children items for a massive home purge ;) I’m VERY excited!!!
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Madeline’s house is coming along slow & steady 👍🏻✂️#maggiegetscreative
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Me and my girls! This baby is either going to increase our posse or make the kiddos genders even! ❤️ And to think six years ago Zack and I were on our knees praying for just one baby, wow God you really had a great plan! Four kids in five...
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Our minds are powerful, personal engines. And more often than not mine needs to be encouraged! ✨✨On my blog I’m sharing some bits of encouragement that are practical!!! because hello, that’s what we all need💕💕 #maggiewhitleydotcom or blog link in profile
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We spent some serious time today catching up on school. Last week we celebrated Marigold’s 2nd birthday and then began prep for baby... moving bedrooms and assembling the baby cradle... it’s been such a fun week. But it’s time to get back to our routine of learning & play! And...
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At our house the birthday party decor lingers… just as I like! 💕✨👧🏼2️⃣🎂
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