throw kindness around like confetti.. or was it the other way round? πŸŽ‰πŸ€” happy weekend vibes everyone! #thekillers #throwkindnessaroundlikeconfetti #latergram
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too tired to post a photo on instagram last night. a photo of the notebook in my bedroom: despite the pen that accompanies it, i barely manage to write something down. most of the time, i go to bed quite late and get up early, so no time or energy...
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back to work today. currently halfway through the first day and already looking forward to picking up this munchkin from daycare tonight. #longing #augustbreak2018
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gisteren namen we deel aan een late verjaardagspicknick voor @girlwithabellygift. die laatste was in de veronderstelling dat ze naar een receptie moest van haar man zijn werk dus van een verrassing gesproken! een fijne middag met al even fijne mensen. of hoe instagram mensen ook in het echt bij elkaar...
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i’m actually a crazy cat lady turned crazy rabbit lady. when i was a kid, we always had one or multiple cats at home. my mom is a real cat person, too, but i guess i take after my dad because we’re both rabbit persons. although i won’t miss out...
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rijk gevulde picknickdekens are life!
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