thinking of staying right here, all day. ✨ are you feeling indoorsy too? #slowdownsaturday #knitspiration #alwaysknitting #instaknitters #southbaysweater #sugarbushyarns
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slowly making progress on the hearts cardigan pattern. i like to knit each design a few times (hence the “slowly” part) to make sure every instruction is clear. this sample uses postcard (my favourite shade of shelter!) and next up will be a hand-dyed yarn option. thank goodness the humidity...
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mini-skeins are generally hard to resist, but when they’re these beautiful shades AND the yarn is non-superwash? totally impossible. ✨ these skeins are a naturally-dyed corriedale/nylon blend from @annabel_textiles and i can’t wait to start knitting with them...maybe striped socks? #yarneverywhere #naturallydyed #annabeltextiles #instaknitters #iloveknitting #alwaysknitting
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ahh, there’s nothing like visiting with a good friend in a gentle little space to put everything back into perspective. may the knitting resume. ✨ (thank you, thank you @elizabethduvivier) #knittingtherapy #knittersofig #instaknitters #alwaysknitting #iloveknitting #PrinceEdwardCounty
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some weeks are all work and no play (and by play, i mean knitting 😉). luckily, today’s the day to pick up the needles again - hope you get to “play” today too! #yarnstilllife #knittingtherapy #instaknitters #itsthesmallthings #knitandbehappy
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other weekend plans were a bust, but these gift socks got finished! (and thank goodness my mom isn’t on IG). main colourway is ‘candy clouds’ from @_hellostella_ and the heel+toe colour is from @violaemily. same slightly tweaked version of the #rosecityrollersocks that has become my go-to gift pattern. if my...
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