Oh, Bauer Turbo Whitley: I could not pose him to lay like this if I tried. If he’s ever “missing” I can always find him on our bed with his head on my pillow. Ha ha!
by maggiewhitley 9 months ago | via Instagram

Up late embroidering a gift and listening to the furnace click on, with my robe tucked beside me and a small pile of thread scraps near, too. This feels like a stolen moment. Where the house is tiptoe quiet and my four babies are all asleep. Where time is on...
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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. I’m so thankful green exists all year long — even in the seasons when we feel we’re dormant, not growing at all, He’s doing work in us. We’re always able to learn; that’s where the growth begins. I need growth, green, God in my life. He...
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Thank you God for making the sun shine today.
by maggiewhitley 1 week ago | via Instagram