City and Cosmos art from #Teotihuacan @lacma this show is dope. 🍕🍕🍕
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Congrats to @cher_________bear for her raddd work in Liminal Bodies curated by @jennifer_remenchik @galleryalso
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I know there is a lot of stuff happening tonight, but this show @rogers_office is def worth your time 😉 @foundfetish @__gegham @eztelle
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My buddy @matthewdayjackson and I finally got our matching drag racing tattoos to commemorate our super fun, but semi-failed drag racing project from a few years back - thanks to @cher_________bear AKA @mammadeath for the design and ink ✌️
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Super excited to finally show a semi-secret sculpture I have been working on since 2014 as part of MILE TO THE MILE @rogers_office - I have literally been waiting for years for the right opportunity to show this piece, and the accompanying essay I wrote about - hope you can...
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