DON’T TRUST RONALD!! @mcdonalds - Check out our full page ad in the Chicago Reader!
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As one of the world’s most influential companies, @mcdonalds has the power to impact the lives of millions of chickens and influence the entire food industry. . Instead, @mcdonaldscorp has chosen to mislead consumers with hollow promises that lack meaningful change. . Join the campaign urging #McDonalds to do the...
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#Repost @_stephanie.celeste ・・・ Hey @mcdonalds! We’re not a fan of your cruel animal policies. Be a leader in the industry & instate more humane practices! Animals deserve better. Sincerely, Very pissed college students who will continue to campaign against you on our campuses! #imnotlovinit #boycott - - Visit: for...
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Thank you @ethically_elizabeth for speaking up for the millions of chickens suffering for @mcdonalds! . Go to the link in our profile to join over 204,000 people in signing the petition urging @mcdonaldscorp to address the serious abuse in its supply chain.
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‼️ShaRonda Dawson delivered over 204K signatures to McDonalds HQ last week ‼️with over 204K signatures, it’s clear that it’s time for @mcdonalds to adopt a MEANINGFUL chicken welfare policy! 🚨 Go to @mcdonalds instagram page and let them know that we won’t back down! 📢 🐓💪🏼
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‼️🚨NEW VIDEO ALERT🚨‼️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Who has seen the new creepy BANNED @mcdonalds commercial? ❌🐓📢🤡❌ NO ONE wants to be eating at @mcdonalds! It’s clearly common sense that @mcdonalds is wrong to support animal abuse! Go to to learn more.
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