DON’T TRUST RONALD!! @mcdonalds - Check out our full page ad in the Chicago Reader!
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⁉️DID YOU KNOW⁉️ . @ubereats is one of @mcdonalds biggest business partners. #UberEats delivers for a company with terrible animal welfare standards! This partnership needs to END ❌🤝🐔❌ Go to @ubereats and tell them to end their partnership with #McDonalds!
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⁉️When will #McDonalds take action to address the animal welfare issues in its chicken supply chain⁉️
Many other companies such as Subway, Chipotle, Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box, and more have put into effect welfare policies that improve the lives for the chickens in their supply chains! 🐓 . Go to...
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❗DON’T trust Ronald❗ Chickens raised for McDonald’s live a life of misery due to the terrible conditions they live in💔 Go to Ronald’s Instagram page and tell him that animal cruelty is NOT ok! 🐔❌
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