I really, really liked the vintage Windsor chairs that came with our cabin, and I tried to make them work (aka legit rebuilt one of them nearly every visit). No matter the amount of TLC I gave ‘em, they just wouldn’t stay fixed. I even fell flat on my big...
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Found out today that I don’t have cancer, and I am feeling very thankful. This is me a few weeks ago at the Super Bloom before I discovered a lump in my boob - it perfectly describes how I feel today getting the news that everything is okay. I hope...
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It’s Sunday! That means frozen @heggiespizza pizza, America’s Funniest Vids and maybe some GOT after the kids are in bed.
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Happy Record Store Day! I hope you all find what you’re searching for.⠀ ⠀ This is our vinyl loft at the cabin 👆
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