Day 259 living in the van Gertrude Hildegard. Having a day off from work, chilling outside the restaurant since Anthony is working and it's raining. No beach today. Just spending time with myself and Gertrude. Will create patterns, watch movies and maybe play some ukulele.
by _colourmad_ 6 months ago | via Instagram

I just want to make sure that you understand that Porto (and Gaia) are worth at least one visit. I still hope that I'm leaving tomorrow but I'll probably be back...
by _colourmad_ 2 days ago | via Instagram

These views! I've been walking to Porto every day and I'm not getting tired of this beauty. Had a very late night last night and thanks to Margarida I now have an improved Portuguese vocabulary.
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It's wierd being in one place this long. It's my sixth day here in Porto / Gaia and I've got a 40 min walk to city centre so I've been walking a bit. I've got new neighbours almost every day and I'm so ready to drive south. I'm waiting for...
by _colourmad_ 3 days ago | via Instagram