The guides for Oxfordshire Artweeks are out, and instead of feeling excited, I feel like a complete dolt because I put the website of my venue in my listing instead of my own personal website. GAAAHHHHH. . . . Can you tell me about a stupid mistake you made so...
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Artweeks show starts today! Headington Library in Bury Knowle Park, Oxford. #artweeks #oxford #oxfordartist #meettheartist
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Whenever I have a deadline or a show coming up, I suddenly have to work on something that doesn't have to do with anything. . . . #process #abstractart #abstract #oilpainting #procrastination #nervous #artistsoninstagram #oxfordartist #artstagram #modernart
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As a painter, I always feel this tension between art I want to make, and art I want to have. For years I've confused the two -- tried on so many styles & been drawn to so many things -- just now starting to disentangle what's meant to be inspiration...
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Well, it was spring a few days ago... #backtowinter
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