The guides for Oxfordshire Artweeks are out, and instead of feeling excited, I feel like a complete dolt because I put the website of my venue in my listing instead of my own personal website. GAAAHHHHH. . . . Can you tell me about a stupid mistake you made so...
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Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on the last post. It was the low point before the breakthrough -- the next day the fog of self-pity lifted, and I took the chip off my shoulder. . . . I navigated the subway with all three rascals BY MYSELF, in...
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Can you spot the conspicuous foreigner? The past two weeks have been hard, and I haven't been coping very well-- I've basically been thinking of ways I can bail on this entire adventure. Tokyo is NOT my jam, at least not in 35-degree heat and with a chip on my...
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Time-lapse taken from train window by the kids. This is the approximate pace of Tokyo.
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Kids wanted かいてんずし and カラアケ straight away.
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