@McDonalds is hosting 15,000 restaurant owners, suppliers, and business partners for its annual worldwide conference this week so of course, @thehumaneleague is here as well! #wwc2018 . Are you in Orlando and want to help with our on the ground actions? Email imnotlovinit@thlcampaigns.org!
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McDonald’s can improve the lives of millions of chickens, but chooses not to! Why not?! 🤔 . . . It’s time for #McDonalds to reduce suffering for the chickens in their supply chain! ⏰🐔 Go to 👉 @mcdonalds 👈 and ask them to take action!
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Are you a student? 📚 Do you want to take a stand against animal cruelty? 💪🐔❌ If you answered YES visit ➡️www.StudentsAgainstMcdonalds.com ⬅️
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#McDonalds doesn’t want you to know the truth about the animal cruelty in its chicken supply chain! . Chickens raised for @mcdonalds suffer from ammonia burns, heart failure and unnatural growth which causes debilitating injuries 💔 👉Visit www.ImNotLovinIt.com to learn more👈
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