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My eyes are attracted to things that are beat down. The struggle that it represents is beautiful to me. Old trees, dilapidated homes, worn brick walls, rusted trucks from a different era - these are scarred & have stories to tell. #iFEEDuFEEDme #GradesOfAbsoluteTruth
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Fresh air, the sound of water, amazing weather, & physical activiTIE. Thanks to @skiswithgenes for showing me around & @jimjammz for letting me borrow his bike! #iFEEDuFEEDme #GradesOfAbsoluteTruth
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...yes ma’am, I wanna please you in every way I can - understand, it’s simple, permanently I wanna be your man. #TwosdaysTruth II : 19 #GradesOfAbsoluteTruth Mural: ?
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