Checking evaporation, killing weeds around the onions and beets, and having too much fun doing it! We love feeding people #organic , nutritious food! #theseinternsrock #tennesseefarm #biodynamic
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The farmer doin' his thing. 📸: @the_kristina.rossi
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We will be digging sweet potatoes tomorrow if anyone has a free day and wants to see what being a farmer is all about! #biodynamic #organic #goldennugget #sweetpotaotes #farmsperience
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Starts this evening! You can get tickets at the door! New handwashing stations, water filtration systems, and two chefs this year! October 5-7, the annual Southeast Regional Biodynamic Conference will be hosted here on our farm. Gardening, livestock, beekeeping, homeopathy, prep-making, hemp growing, and spacial dynamics of just a few...
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